[Tips] Membuat tampilan Desktop Nice

seperti lebih kuranglah seperti ini...


1. ok pertama..

download file UXTheme Multi-Patcher nih download :
untuk ptunjuk cara install liat disini

setelah itu pilih Themes yg anda suka :

2. untuk tampilan di atas menggunakan Rocket Dock anda bisa download disini :

untuk download icon" nya anda bisa download dsini :

3. The pc's status are awesome. They look extremely cool and they are very, very useful. There's a program called "Rainmeter", and that's the one I use. haha..
download programnya

ok stelah itu saya menggunakan style ini

klo anda tidak suka style tersebut bisa milih yg lain ksukaan anda :

I'm not even gonna explain how change the rainmeter's skin, as it's uber easy.

Then, you just select the info you want by right clicking the rainmeter's little icon near the clock, and you can drag them wherever you like. If you want it to stay where you left it, then:

-right click the rainmeter's icon>click the module you want (it should be right there)>click "draggable".

I use cpu, network, batterie, IP, system info, among others.

-klo ad yg kruang ngerti reply aj